Planned Giving Appeal

Last week we started a planned giving appeal which will last three weeks. It is an opportunity to prayerfully reflect and carefully decide on how Parishioners can contribute to the Parish. Thanks to the Finance Committee for working on this appeal and to all Parishioners who continually give and for considering how much they give and the method of giving.

A few facts to consider, The Parish had a saving of £400,000 which paid for the restoration of the Church. The cost of running the Parish depends on the offertory collection. To open the doors alone cost £20,000 for heat, water and light. Over the past seven years, the offertory collection has only increased by 15%, however the expenditure has risen by 42%. We are now in a position were we could easily slip into an unhealthy financial position.

The Diocese has informed us that the average offertory giving per person is £2.11.  A cup of coffee on the High Street is roughly £2.50 or a pizza takeaway is £10.00. If you went out for a drink a pint would cost over £3 and a glass of wine £4.50.The offertory collection has only increased by 15% over 7 years and expenditure has risen by 42%.

Again to remind you it is important to give what you can and nobody should feel obliged to go beyond their means. Thank you.


An information booklet is available to view and also a pledge card where you can sign up for both gift aid and make your weekly contribution by standing order


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