Fr. Irvin and Noreen (Parish Secretary) on their Croagh Patrick Climb - Sunday 29th July 2012

The weekend started on Saturday 28th July. We travelled to Knock Shrine, where we prayed for all that had donated and supported us. We had a most enjoyable afternoon at Knock despite the wet, gloomy weather. We managed to do the Stations of the Cross and also attend Mass at the Basilica.

The morning of the climb started very early at 5.30am. We travelled to Westport where we purchased our sticks for the climb. Then onwards to the bottom of the Mountain. Thankfully, the weather had improved and the sun was shining in Mayo. We started the ascend at 8.45am and were half way up by 10.45am. After this time. It became harder and harder as we got nearer to the summit finally reaching there at 12.15pm. We felt we could almost touch the clouds. Mass was celebrated every half an hour.

The weather stayed kind to us, at one point we had to apply sun screen to our faces as we felt we could get burned. We stopped often, to recharge, catch our breath, have a snack and admire the scenery. The rocks under our feet were loose, the sticks proved to be a great advantage. There was no suitable path way, and pilgrims on the descend were also trying to find a safe place for their next step.

The views were amazing, as were all the other Pilgrims we met along the way, all offering words of hope and encouragement. Some like ourselves had never climbed the mountain before, whereas others were on their 5th, 10th and even 45th time. We met young and old and were amazed by how many were bare footed. Even more amazing was the dogs who also did the pilgrimage.

We reached the bottom, tired and hungry but thankfully all in one piece at 1.30pm. Almost immediately, as we sat into the vehicle the rain started and it seemed like it did not want to stop. Torrential rain poured and poured. How lucky we were to not have had this weather on the Mountain.

We drove to Ireland West Airport stopping on the way to eat. We arrived at the airport at 3.15pm, just in time for Fr.Irvin to catch his return flight home to London. Noreen was fortunate enough to have another week in Mayo with her family. Her son also climbed the mountain with us, who we nominated as our Croagh Patrick photographer.

We raised a fantastic amount of £4247.40. Thank you to everybody for all your donations, prayers and support.
Fr. Irvin OMI and Noreen

knock shrine Fr.Irvin where our lady appeared
Fr Irvin praying for all who donated
at the bottom of the mountain praying for parishoners and good weather here we go
half way mark
view from top the summit view from the top of mountain


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