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The following weddings all took place at Sacred Heart, please click on each image to enlarge


Mollie and John Roche 1935
Mollie and John Roache 1935


Tim,othy and Catherine
Timothy and Catherine O'Sullivan 22nd June 1940


Mick Killeen & Peggy Wall
Mick Kileen & Peggy Wall were married at Sacred Heart on 12th May 1940


Dick Birmingham and Bridie O'Connor 1941


Mr & Mrs Coakley pictured at their wedding in 1942



Terry O'Connor and Pam Stickley in 1944


Mary and Tim O'Connor
Mary (nee Reddy) and Tim O'Connor with thier wedding party and Fr James D'Arcy 3rd August 1946
Tim & Mary renewed their vows in 1996


Michael O’ Connor married Betty Cox 1947


Seamus Cassidy & Amy Baldry
Seamus Cassidy and Amy Baldry with their wedding party in November 1948


John (Jack) O’ Connor  married Pat Connare 2 /8/1949


Graham & Ivy Davies
Graham & Ivy Davies celebrating their marriage in 1950


Stella and Tom Cooke
Stella and Tom Cooke 22nd February 1952


Elsie and James Smith 18th July 1953


Tom & Sally Beckwith who were married here on 17th March 1954


Owen & Julie Kane at their wedding in 1954


Elizabeth Nicholson and Ken Aufforth March 1955


Denis & Joan Brosnan on their wedding day 22nd October 1955


John Murphy & Elizabeth Hartigan
John Murphy & Elizabeth Hartigan from Cork celebrated their marriage in February 1956


Wedding Party St Patricks Day 1956


James & Teresa Carroll
James & Teresa Carroll on taking their vows on 28th July 1956


Nora & Willie Clifford who were married here on 23rd February 1957


Margaret (Peggy) O’ Connor married Pat Turmer 1957


James and Evelyn Clarke 19th April 1958


Patrick and Margaret Wedgeworth celebrating their wedding on 4th April 1959


Kathleen O'Connell on her wedding day in 1959


Michael and Kathleen Holland were married at Sacred Heart in 1960

John Holland and Kathleen Fortune were married at Sacred Heart in 1960.
John was orginally from Cork and Kathleen from Wexford


Christy & Patricia O'Keefe
Christy & Patricia O'Keefe who were married here on 26th July 1960


John Patterson & Ann Munnelly got married at Sacred Heart on 10th August 1960


Alan James Cross & Lena Lecky
Alan James (Jim) Cross and Lena (Emily Celine) Lecky on their wedding day 26th October 1960. Bridesmaid Nuala Lecky. They were orginally from Rossnakill on the Fanad Peninsula in Co Donegal.


Martin and Theresa Halpin on the wedding day 17th March 1961 and on their 54 Wedding Anniversary


Wedding 1961
Wedding ceremony 1961


Mary Louise McKaine and Michael Thomas Foran. 5th August 1961


Mary O'Sullivan on her wedding day with Marion Cox and Emmie O'Connell in 1963


Johnand Kathleen McHugh
John and Kathleen McHugh were married here on 23rd February 1963


John & Josephine O'Neil
John and Josephine O'Neill.
27th July 1963.
Mr & Mrs O'Neil now reside in Australia


Maureen and Jerry Smith
Maureen and Jerry Smith with the Celebrant Fr Clarke 12th August 1963


John and Ann Naughton
John and Ann Naughton 1964


James and Mary Caplice 26th September 1964


Michael and Margaret Tighe nee O'Keefe 1st August 1964


Bridie Murphy and Bill O'Shea
Bridie Murphy and Bill O'Shea 24th October 1964


William and Mary Sheehy William and Mary Sheehy
William Sheehy from Emly Co.Tipperary and Mary McNamara from Achill Co. Mayo on their wedding day 29th August 1964 and celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in 2014


Raymond and Eileen Buckley 27th February 1965


Peter O'Neill from Arboe
Co. Tyrone and Mary Agnes Nolan from Ballyhahill, Co. Limerick celebrating their marriage in 17th March 1965


The wedding party for Peter O'Neill
& Mary Agnes Nolan
Witnesses Brendan and Patricia Conlan
Celebrant Fr Paschal Dillon OMI
St Patricks Day 1965


James McCarthy and Eileen Kellher celebrating their weddding on 17th March 1965


Stephen & Kay Dempsey were married in 1965. They celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 27th March 2015.


Vincent and Mary Ellen O'Donnell
Vincent and Mary Ellen O'Donnell on their wedding day 3rd April 1965


Michael & Kathleen Bolger Willie and Helen O'Neil
Double wedding Michael and Kathleen Bolger (nee O'Connor) and Willie and Helen (nee O'Connor) on their wedding day 24th July 1965


Sheila and Anthony Mahony
Anthony and Sheila Mahony on their wedding day 21st August 1965


Thomas & Elizabeth Jennings
Thomas & Elizabeth Jennings (nee Gray) Celebrating their wedding on 9th October 1965.


Joey and Carmel Cunneen
Joey McArthur and Ann Carmel Cunneen on their wedding day 16th September 1967


Sheila and Pat Costelloe
Sheila and Pat Costelloe 2nds December 1967


Fr Mike Phelan at his sisters wedding
Fr Mike Phelan OMI at his sisters wedding in 1968


Timothy O'Donoghue & Nora Reilly married in 1968


William Buckley & Eileen Kelly with
Fr. Bagnall in 1968


Fr. Paschal Dillon at the wedding of Elda Burns & Thomas Tobin



All four couples got married here in 1968
Please let us know if you recognise anybody.


All these couples were married here in 1969


James & Jose O'Shea
James O'Shea & Josie Hayes were married on 8th August 1970


Vincent and Anastastia Kearney
Vincent and Anastasia Kearney 1970


Mary Breen and Vincent Eustace
Wedding of Mary Breen and Vincent Eustace with Bridesmaid Christine Gilbert-Oakley and Best Man Vincent Heavery on 10th October 1970


Anna Maria Moriarty and Grahma Louis O'Keefe Anna Maria Moriarty and Graham Louis O'Keeffe Anna Maria Moriarty and Graham Louis O'Keeffe
Anna Maria Moriarty and Graham Louis O'Keeffe celebrating their wedding on 21st January 1971. Anna Maria also celebrated her 21st Birthday on this day. Below with Fr Jack Dore


Terry & Helen Thompson
Terry & Helen Thompson were married here on 3rd April 1971


Frances & Michael Rooney Frances & Michael Rooney
Frances and Michael Rooney on their wedding day 19th June 1971


Tom & Mary Keane
Tom and Mary Keane celebrating thier wedding on 17th July 1971


Madge Masterson and Neil O'Boyle
Madge (Margaret) Masterson married Neil Boyle on the 24th  July 1971


Luke Fahy and Elizabeth Buckley 1st September 1971. With Fr Enda Canning


Joan and Martin Fittall
Joan and Martin Fittall 18th September 1971


Mary Smith & John Lew celebrating their marriage with Fr Bagnell in 1972


Humphrey and Elizabeth O'Shea
Humphrey and Elizabeth O'Shea were married on August 19th 1972


Maura and Noel Duggan
Maura & Noel Duggan 25th November 1972


Dave Walsh and Bridie Allen August 1973


Joe & Breda Mannion 8th September 1973


Denis Line and Chirstine Collins at their wedding in 1974
John Richards and
Mary Ann O'Shea celebrating their marriage in 1974
Brian O'Donnel and
Bernadette Ward were married in 1974


Brian and Bridie Lennon 28th April 1974


John and Margaret Rahilly with their wedding party on 25th May 1974


Margaret and Thomas Cafferty Margaret and Thomas Caffery
Margaret and Thomas Cafferty at their wedding on 15th March 1975


Kathleen McCormack & Liam Burke
Kathleen McCormack & Liam Burke with their wedding party 30th August 1975


Marian Naughton and Ernie Whitfield with Fr.Hackett on 6th August 1977


Michael & Noreen O'Hara
Michael & Noreen O'Hara 28th October 1978


Christina and John Harnedy
John and Christina (need McGloin) Harnedy 8th September 1979


Cynthia and David Mahadevan celebrating their weddeing on 15th May 1981


Annette Kiernan and Michael Kerne 9th April 1983


Pat and Michelle Callaghan 31st August 1985


Martin & Bernadette Dempsey
Martin & Bernadette Dempsey were married on 15th June 1985



1987 Weddings


Wedding party of Winnie O'Connor and Gerry Parsons 30th May 1987
Winnie O'Connor with her dad John


Frances O'Shea and Michael Bourke
Frances O'Shea and Michael Bourke 25th July 1987


David Hogg & Siobhan Keating with Fr. Ray Warren OMI at their marriage
on 8th September 1990


Bill & Maggie McGarty
Bill & Maggie McGarty on their wedding day on 27th July 1991


Fr Ray Warren with Eileen and John Kenny
Eileen Casey and John Kenny
11th July 1992


Chris and Rita Kolade 10th May 1997
Rita and Chris Kolade 10th May 1997


Geoffrey & Carol Tracey Geoffrey & Carol Tracey
Geoffrey & Carol Tracey who were married here on 28th August 1999.


Ann and Richard Carroll
Ann and Richard Carroll who were married in 2000


Martin & Kelly Creighton
Martin and Kelly Creighton 17th March 2001


Vincent and Donna Gillean
Vincent and Donna Gillean 22nd May 2003


Caroline Burke & Stuart Keady
Caroline Burke & Stuart Keady celebrating their marriage in July 2004


Anna Kobylinska and Aleksander Grygiel with Fr Liam on their wedding day November 2012


Bradley & Aprana Coutinho
Bradley and Aparna Coutinho on their wedding day 28th June 2014


Catherine Callaghan & Shaun Mark celebrated their marriage on
26th October 2014


Catherine Rafferty and Stefan Jackson Catherine Rafftery and Stefan Jackson
Catherine Rafferty and Stefan Jackson 6th June 2015





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