Fr Tom Deveruex
Fr Tom Deveruex at his Ordination in 1979


Fr John Lee Fr Joh Lee's Ordination Fr John Lee's Ordination
Fr John Lee at his Ordination March 1990


The Lee Family with Bishop Murphy on his visit to Kilburn.


Fr Mike Phelan celebrating his ordination in 1964


Priests of 1968


Back row left to right
Fr. John Collins OMI, Fr. Joseph O'Melia OMI, Fr. Stanilaus Connolly OMI, Fr. Parick Sheridan OMI, Fr. Bernard Halpin OMI, Fr. Patrick Cody OMI, Fr. Dermot Herhily OMI, Fr. Paschal Dillon OMI, Fr. Claude Malone OMI, Fr. James Gormley OMI, Fr. Edward McSherry OMI, Fr. Thomas O'Brien OMI, Fr. Enda Canning OMI
Front Row Left to right
Fr. Kevin O'Donovan OMI, Fr. Phillip Danaher OMI, Fr. Paul Byrne OMI, Fr. David Bagnell OMI, Fr. John Dore OMI, Fr. Richard O'Donovan OMI


Fr P Hackett
Fr P Sheridan
Fr T McSherry



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