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Sacred Heart Church - Parish Directory


Baptism is the start of the Christian journey and is part of the process leading to the full initiation into the Catholic Church.   When parents present a child for baptism they are making a commitment of faith.

The aim of the Baptism Preparation programme is to prepare and instruct parents who wish to make that commitment and have their child baptised into the Catholic Church.
If you want to take part in the programme or become a catechist please contact Sr Margaret.

Meeting time and place: Every Monday in the Parish Office

Contact person:  Sr Margaret


The crèche caters for young children during the 12.30pm Sunday mass.  It is great fun.  More volunteers are always needed, a rota is set up so you are not committed to every Sunday

Meeting time and place:  Sunday 12.20pm Church Sacristy.

Contact person:  Chris Kolade 07958741133


Children’s Liturgy

"Children's Liturgy" is the "Liturgy of the Word for Children". We cover the Gospel of the day at a level the children can understand and enjoy. 

Our aim is to make the children's experience of church meaningful, whilst helping them to grow in the faith of the Catholic Church and develop as full and active members of our Parish Community.

Children aged 5-11years are welcome.  Adult volunteers are also welcome, no experience is needed and it is a great way to further develop your own understanding.  A rota is used to ensure you are not committed to every Sunday.

Meeting time and place: Children are called forward at 12.30pm mass on Sundays.  Adult volunteers meet 12.15pm in the sacristy. 

Contact person:  Pat Fernandes




First Holy Communion

This programme prepares children to receive their First Holy Communion.  It is a very special time for the children. 

More catechists are needed, no experience needed and it is great fun and a proud moment when the children receive the sacrament. 

Meeting time and place:  Times vary, meetings in the community centre. 

Contact person:  Fr. Irvin/ Parish Office 0207 6241701



A programme which prepares candidates to receive the sacrament of confirmation.  Discussions, talks, retreats, mass preparations, and community work all form part of this comprehensive programme.  Attendance for candidates is compulsory to all sessions.
More catechists are needed, no experience needed and it is wonderful to see the candidates grow in their understanding of their faith. 

Meeting time and place:  Wednesdays on a monthly basis.  Meetings in the Church.

Contact person:  Fr Jacques/ Parish Office 0207 624 1701


Altar Servers

Altar servers perform many important jobs:

  • To help the people & the priest who is presiding at the celebration of the Eucharist (Mass).
  • To help the priest prepare the offertory gifts during Mass
  • To help the people know what to do by ringing the bell, responding and leading them to sit, knee or stand during the Mass

Meeting time and place:  Mass in the sacristy

Contact person:  To become an Altar Server contact Fr Liam, Parish Office 02076241701



Oblates Youth Service

The Oblate Youth Service is a dedicated group of young men and women, who live out their faith by serving those on the margins of society, both at home and overseas.

Through a range of projects here in the parish, in Lourdes, and in Africa, the OYS make a real difference in the lives of those people most abandoned by society.

If you are a young adult, aged between 18 and 30, please get in touch and ask how you can get involved.

"Leave nothing undared for the Gospel!"

Meeting time and place:  Approximately once month or depending on upcoming events

Contact person: Ronan Lavery:



•          We provide music and singing for various liturgical services during the year and lead the congregation in music.
•          We go out carol singing and visit care homes during the Christmas period.
•          We also attend external music/ choir workshops organised by the diocese.
•          New singers and Instrumentalists are always welcome.
•          We also have a social event for our group once a year

Meeting time and place:  Choir practices are held on most Wednesdays in the Meeting Room/ Church at 8pm.

Contact person:  Mario Alphonso,  


Church Cleaning

Voluntary cleaning of the Church takes place every Thursday at 1pm.   Cleaning and dusting of the altar, hovering, sweeping between the pews, wiping down benches, fonts and Church doors.  All are welcome to join in.

Meeting time and place:  Thursday at 1pm in the Church

Contact person:  Bernie O’Neil



Assisting in taking up the collection at each Mass on Sunday. 

Meeting time and place:  Mass times at the back of the Church.

Contact person:  Parish Office 0207 6241701


Ministry of Hospitality: Ushers  

Our Ushers are Special ministers that create a welcoming, helpful atmosphere as well as maintain a climate of hospitality at the celebration of the Eucharist. Ushers are the first point of contact for all that attends our Church and they are the parish stalwart who keep good order to ensure smooth running of the church.
The Ushers play a key role in enabling both the regulars and visiting members to have positive experiences of worship, love and unity in our Sunday masses.
New ushers are needed, all are welcome and no experience needed.

Meeting time and place: The group meet briefly at the beginning of every 12.30 Mass, but meet collectively once every three Months (1st or 2nd week of every school term) 

Contact person:  Chris Kolade.07958 741133


Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation -JPIC

•          Raising awareness of the injustices being suffered by the poorest communities here in our parish and throughout the world, e.g. supporting SVP, CAFOD, Fairtrade etc
•          Campaigning, attending environmental events, contacting MPs to bring about change and to cancel debts
•          Praying for change and celebrating certain days such as Peace Sunday, Lent and Harvest Fast Days
All new volunteers are welcome.  Help make a difference.

Meeting time and place: Monthly in The Presbytery.  Meetings are advertised in the Parish newsletter

Contact person:  Fr. Noel: 020-76241701



The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the primary way the Church welcomes new members.  Through a comprehensive programme candidates are prepared for reception into the full communion of the Roman Catholic Church.  Candidates and catechists welcome.

Meeting time and place:  varies

Contact person:  Parish Office 02076241701


Missions (MAMI)

Raises awareness and money for Oblate Missions abroad.
This is done through the monthly draw & annual Blue Box appeal.
New volunteers more than welcome, a rota is used to ensure you are not committed to every Sunday.

Meeting time and place:  Sunday in the Mission office

Contact person:  Fr Dillion. Parish office 02076241701


Parish Council

Council aims to aid in the organisation of Parish life and promote the collaboration of the Parish Community to foster a lively and thriving Parish.  Any suggestions or comments are more than welcome.     

Meeting time and place: Monthly at the Parish Office

Contact person:  Chris Kolade (Chair-person) 07958 741133


Parish Registration

New or old in the area, are you registered with the Parish?  Please contact the Parish office to register.

Meeting time and place:  Parish Office.  Office hours; Mon –Fri, 9.30am -5.00pm.  Sat, 10.30am – 1.00pm. 


Liturgy Group

The group organise and prepare services and events for Easter, Lent, Advent, Christmas and many other times. 

Meeting time and place:  Monthly in the Parish Office

Contact person:   Fr Mike


Filipino Community

Filipino community come together to worship every 3rd Sunday of the month

Meeting time and place: Varies

Contact person:  Parish Office 02076241701


Adult Faith Formation

A programme of discussion groups are set up during Lent and Advent to help anyone interested in developing a better understanding of their faith.  Some discussion groups run all year round.  Everyone is welcome.

Meeting time and place:  Varies, on sign up details will be arranged.

Contact person:   Bernadette McCormick Parish Office 02076241701


Ministry of the Word

Reading at mass, a rota is set up and no experience needed accept a good clear reading voice.

Meeting time and place:  In Sacristy before designated mass.

Contact person:  George Leao Parish Office 0207 624 1701
for 12.30pm Mass contact Marcia Roberts


Ministry of the Eucharist

The Eucharist Ministers are appointed by the priest to serve the community by helping the people to receive Communion.  The Eucharist is a gift to be given and received.  The interaction between the person giving and receiving is an expression of the relationship that lies at the heart of the Church’s identity.  Eucharist Ministers can bring the Body of Christ to parishioners in their homes aswell as in Church.

Meeting time and place:   Mass

Contact person:  Fr Liam parish Office 0207 624 1701



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