We have pleasure in sharing with you comments which have been received from those who have travelled to Lourdes to be part of our Annual Pilgrimage. Please contact the Parish Office if you would like to attend next September.


Following the High Stations of the Cross is a deeply spiritual and moving experience.

I felt an incredible sense of peace at the Grotto. The whole area is very prayerful.

The torchlight procession can not be explained with words. Seeing is believing, it is an amazing sight.

We celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary earlier this year.
We were overwhelmed with the blessings and the many congratulations received whilst on the Pilgrimage.

I have heard of miracles happening at Lourdes, after my visit I am convinced that the sick do get healing and comfort from being there.

I was so proud to be part of the Oblate Family and to witness the way the sick are cared for.

The spiritual side of the Pilgrimage is very uplifting and rewarding.
The social aspect is a way of making lifetime friends.

We have been on the Lourdes Pilgrimage for many years.
With God's blessings we plan to go for many more years to come.
The experience is extremely enriching.

Lourdes is a complete antidote to the swings and arrows of life. relaxing, spiritually fulfilling and convivial.
Its no surprise that people return year after year.


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