The course of preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation includes:

As a Candidate, you are expected to be fully committed to this course in order to be prepared properly for the Sacrament of Confirmation. You should attend the whole course, and should be punctual for all events. Candidates for Confirmation should have been baptised and made their First Holy Communion.

Decision: A decision to start this course does not imply a commitment to be confirmed: the course is designed to help you to reach such a decision. It does not begin with that assumption. Once you have had a chance to find out what the course is all about, there will be a Mass of Commitment, when you will indicate that you want to continue with the preparation for the Sacrament. The decision to be confirmed should, as far as possible, be taken by you (in consultation, of course, with your parents and with us). The Sacrament of Confirmation, along with Baptism and the Eucharist, is one of the three Sacraments by which you enter the community of the Church. Therefore the decision to be confirmed is a very important one.

Community Work: As this is an affirmation of your membership in the community of the Church, you will be asked to show your commitment by your involvement in some community or parish activity. You could help in the Sunday liturgy using your musical gifts, or you can read or serve on the altar, or you could help with organising and serving drinks and refreshments after some of the Sunday Masses. You could also help at the Local Homeless Shelter in Cricklewood.

Sponsors: Your sponsor should be chosen on the basis of example, good qualities and friendship; they should be the kind of person with whom you can discuss spiritual and moral issues in your life. Your sponsor must be a practising Catholic, at least 16 years old, who has been confirmed; they could be one of your godparents. They will stand as a witness to your faith, intention and moral character.

Confirmation Name: If you wish, you may choose a Confirmation name in addition to your baptismal name. It should be the name of a saint whose example is an inspiration to you and whose example you would try to follow.


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